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Sunday, 08 November 2009 17:31
In 2001, GAM has decided to extend its activities completing an innovative structure with technologically advanced plants  regarding reclaiming for chemical and food tankers  with an innovative suction system to capture gases contained in tankers with activated carbon filters that allow vapors enter the atmosphere cleaner in order to safeguard the ecosystem, a system for the recovery of waste washing water in both liquid and gas-tight basins , then transported by our vehicles in appropriate sewage treatment plants, as required by current regulations

Everything has been realized to meet the needs of a market and an increasingly demanding regulations regarding safety, environment and health.

The structure provides new services both to customers  in the chemical sector, with three lines equipped with the latest technology for washing, cleaning and heating of road tankers, tank containers and silos, and  in food sector realizing  a line isolated from the  other to maintain the best conditions of hygiene and sanitation by using  cleaning and sterilized drying.

The structure  also offers:
- Large enclosed parking for approximately 27,000 sqm
- Secretariat by fax and message delivery
- Waiting room with refreshment area
- Restrooms with hot water showers

Washing is ISO9001 certified - as well as ISO 14001 and has obtained certification SQAS cleaning and is therefore able to issue the certificate European ECD

Opening Hours: 07.30 - 18.30 Monday to Friday continued time

Products not accepted for remediation: Acrylics, Phenols, Isoprene,
Products that may cause odorous pollution

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