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Sunday, 08 November 2009 17:29

The governing bodies of the consortium, represented in the person of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, intend to establish through the Quality , Environment and Security Policy, its commitment in the development and implementation of system management and continuous improvement of its effectiveness and steer business objectives aiming at the complete quality assurance of protection of Health, Safety and Environmental Protection in accordance with and in compliance with existing laws, directing and motivating for this purpose the entire enterprise to promote SAFETY based on BEHAVIOR (BBS - Guidelines CEFIC) and applying at all levels appropriate training tools and information so that this policy is understood at all company levels .
In particular, the Directorate stated that its commitment will be finalized in addition to the above also to:Communicate throughout the organization the importance of complying with the requirements of the customer and applicable regulatory (standards, regulations) through meetings of awareness and management of information circulars on the Quality, Environment and Safety aimed at sharing and diffusion of the objectives and their periodical results .
Ensure planning and formalization of the objectives of improvement, objective and measurable, to all  levels of our organization .
Ensure the implementation of annual reviews, in order to verify achievement of the objectives previously set out , and the continuous evaluation of new ones.
Ensure availability of adequate resources, infrastructure, staffing and budget necessary for the management of the  activities required by the system and for improving the system itself ...


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